Auto Accident Injury Treatment

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Assessment & Diagnosis

If you have been involved in an auto collision, whether it was years ago or recently, chiropractic treatment may be able to relieve your pain. The sooner you seek treatment, the faster we can get you back to your normal activities.

Walk away from PAIN

Even a minor car crash can shift your spine out of alignment leading to discomfort and pain. Louisville medical team evaluates your pain to discover the extent and severity of the injury. All treatments at Louisville Medical Center have an emphasis on tissue healing, restoring function and pain reduction.


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Whiplash is the #1 cause of pain after an auto accident

Neck pain/stiffness



Ringing in ears 

Blurred Vision 

Shoulder Pain

Low Back Pain


Difficulty concentrating

Pain/Numbness in arms or hands

Difficulty Swallowing  


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