Pain Management

What to expect at Louisville Medical Center

Developing procedure and treatment protocols is a crucial step in relieving pain. At Louisville Medical Center, we understand every patient is suffering from pain caused by unique injuries or circumstances, and that is why each patient will receive a customized pain management plan. In order to provide quality service with compassionate care, we believe the first step is to diligently examine your medical history and past test results. We take the time to explain each procedure or pain relief treatment so that you understand why we've designed that specific pain treatment option for you.
Our medical team achieves chronic pain relief through the application of advanced treatment protocols performed by skilled staff, utilizing the most innovative technologies in integrative pain management. Whether you seek back, knee, neck, or shoulder pain relief, we encourage you to place your trust in the hands of our highly skilled medical team specialists at Louisville Medical Center.


Our board-certified, trained pain relief specialists are equipped with comprehensive pain management training in all areas of medical pain management to customize an effective treatment plan.
Louisville Medical utilizes the most innovative medical pain management technologies available. This enables us to provide our patients with minimally invasive procedures for chronic pain relief. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to ensure both your comfort and understanding of your pain management plan.
Whether it’s through a procedure, therapy, or medication we prescribe, your individualized treatment program is aimed at enabling you to live a more active enjoyable lifestyle. We take great pride in our approach by assessing each patient's needs, targeting the source of their pain and providing an accurate diagnosis.

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